4 Best Steps To Delete Your Personal Information From Google Permanently

Today I am going to tell you 4 steps to delete your personal information from Google permanently. On the smartphone all day we all search for many things. All the information searched is saved in the history. It also happens that we also search some personal information, which we do not want to know about anyone else. Many of us are also afraid that if someone else uses our phone then the search made things do not appear to him.

To eliminate your fear, we are going to tell you the option to delete search history. Google Search History can be easily deleted in this way:

step 1
Go to Google Chrome and search Myactivity.google.com. After searching, tap on the first option that you see and open it.

Step 2
The My Activity page will open before you open Here are the details of your entire Google search history.

Step 3
On this page, you will see three dots on the left. Tap on it. In this, you can tap on Delete Activity.

Step 4
Here you will get the option of deleting history. In this, you can delete the history of tomorrow and tomorrow as well as by selecting a specific date, you can delete the history.

In this way, no open source page will be able to know your search history.
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