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Apple is working to bring mobile smartphones with an LG display. Accord mobile smartphones out Korea, LG Display has created Task Force to produce the Foldable OLED screen for the iPhone model launched in 2020. It was further reported in the reports that LG Innotek is also working on producing a flexible printed circuit board.

Production will start in 2020:

According to the report, panel production will be started in 2020. It is believed that due to this Apple can extend its iPhone launch next year. However, it has been said in the report that panel production for the iPhone will start in 2019 itself.

In this case Samsung ahead of Apple:

In the case of foldable smartphones, Samsung can be said one step further than Apple. Samsung can bring its Galaxy X smartphone next year. There are reports that Samsung's phone will come with a foldable screen.

LG working on its Foldable OLED display:

It was also reported in the report that LG has been working on its own flexibleable OLED panel for several years and is improving its strength. It was further reported in the report that next year, Samsung may also supply the display to Apple.

It has also been revealed to many sources that it may be that Apple would invest money in LG's OLED panel production. But details of all these reports are yet to be confirmed.

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