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This is very important for everyone who use credit card.Be  samart .Be safe.these 5 places do not use credit cards
The credit card has provided us with the comfort of not keeping the cash, but there are some of its disadvantages too. If you want to be a smart buyer, you should avoid using credit cards in certain shopping options. We are telling you in this report which places you can avoid using a credit card.

Do not use for emergency fund:

With increasing DA, our meet is also increasing. Emergency funds have been very helpful for dealing with such sudden expenses. For the emergency fund you must have at least the amount of money accumulated so that you can complete your requirements without any hassle from 3 to 6 months. So, if you use a credit card for emergency work, you may need to pay more.
Credit card Cache Removal:

Never forget to understand credit card debit card. However, the option to remove the cash in your credit card is present but you do not use it in this way. The reason is that if you do so, you have to interest more than usual, the money you have removed from the credit card will fill up the interest to 2.5-3.5 phisad.

Don't use credit cards to invest in stock market:

Any credit card should never be used to invest in the stock market. This is because if the value of the investment amount is reduced before the Du date of the credit card bill, you may need to borrow the bill.

Secured Online Shopping:

Always remember that the website does not have HTTP or may be unsafe. Get complete information about the company before you purchase. Also, remember that the company is distinguished and its track record is good.

Use credit card for required shopping only:

Often people are shopping more than they need while shopping. Such people use a credit card to pay the bill. The credit card helps you pay the bills but it puts a big economic burden on you. In such shopping, 
edit cards should be used to understand the thinking.

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