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Instant messaging app Viber is the most used messenger worldwide. The company has introduced several features to improve the experience of the users. Let's tell you that the company has not yet released auto-ply feature. But still you can use this feature on Viber. It simply means that you can retouching any friend or family without your phone.

Learn about auto-reply for WhatsApp app:

In order to use this feature users have to install Auto-reply for WhatsApp app in their smartphone. It can be downloaded free from the Google Play store. This app gets installed and linked to Viber. The users then only have to change certain settings after which the message can be auto-ply.

Learn how to use:

Download and install Auto-reply for WhatsApp app by visiting the Google Play store.
Open it after install. Here you will be asked for Permisian to Read notifications. Make it Ok.

Then you will have the option to on-screen Auto-reply for WhatsApp. Turn it on. Click on the/allow now.
A + sign will be given below thereafter. Click it. From here you can add any friends or family to you.
 Whenever these messages do you will be running your auto-ply.
In addition, if you want to auto-ply the messeges of all contact, turn on the above option Auto-reply for all messages. 

When you are on the option, you will be given the option of the message at the bottom of the message you can type.
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