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The smartphone is as easy as the lives of people, the same is the role of apps. But some apps are also so that users can do a lot of fun. It's such a fun app that lets users hear things happening on another's phone.

How to hear things happening on another phone:

For this, users must install the TickleMyPhone app. For this, you will need a smartphone which you have to listen to.

To do SMS:

First, you need to download this app in another phone too.
After this, you only have to do an SMS to listen to someone else's mobile.
After the SMS, you will be able to hear the calls to the second number.
If your phone is disconnected, then you have to SMS again.
Do not let the ring go on that phone when you send the SMS. The other one does not know that the call has come.
Let me tell you, this app size is 4MB. This means that this app will not take much space on your phone. It can be installed on Android 2.1. It has mixed reviews on the Play Store. Both free and paid versions of this app are available. The paid version costs Rs 122.

How to stay alert of such apps:

Obviously, no one likes to share their personal information with anyone. If such an application is misused, it can also prove to be dangerous. So it is very important to be careful.

Keep in mind these things:

Put the password on the phone and keep changing it from time to time. So that if someone knows the password then they can not use it wrong.
Always keep the phone together. If you call a friend or a friend, then do not be misled with you anywhere.
If you see an app that you do not download, then uninstall it immediately.
Keep checking the phone that there is no new icon.
By keeping these things in mind, you can keep your personal information safe.

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