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Today I am going to tell about this technology about how to make the old internal hard disk a new external hard disk (Convert Internal Hard Disk in External Hard Disk).
When 90 percent people used to lose the Computer Hard Disk, they consider it as Useless.
Similarly, many people use 500GB or 1TB hard disk in the computer by upgrading their old Computer 80GB, 320GB Hard Disk, so do not Utilize the old Hard Disk Drive. But you will be surprised to know that one thing, 90% of the Damage Internal Hard Disk can be used for data storage by creating External Hard Disk.
There is not much difference between these two, just understand that you can use the Internal Hard Disk as a Mobile Internal Memory in the computer and use External Hard Drive as a USB Pen Drive. Many External Drives cannot be installed in OS but can install OS in all Internal Hard Drives.

What will be the benefit of creating the internal hard drive with External Hard Drive?

Suppose if you have a 320GB Useless Internal Hard Drive and you want to buy a Pen Drive for file sharing. Today, the speed of 16GB 100MB /  Writing Speed with USB 3.0 Interface Pen Drive will have cost between 700 and 900 rupees. But if you create your 320GB Useless Internal Hard Disk with External Hard Disk with 100MB / s Reading Speed & 50MB / s Writing Speed with USB 3.0 Interface, then its maximum price will be 600 rupees.

Step to convert to internal hard disk?

Some online hardware tools come in, which convert Direct Internal to External Hard Drive, they are called Hard Drive Casing. Simply you have to insert Simple Internal Hard Drive inside the Case and it will be converted to External Hard Drive.

Step 1.
First of all, let's Fit Internal Hard Disk inside Adapter, if you do not understand how to Fit.

Step 2.
After the internal hard drive is fit, it will be converted to External Hard Drive. After that, you can store your data Permanently by connecting it to the computer with the help of a USB cable.

I hope this information helps you to do.
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