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HI, Friends.
Today I am going tell you, how to approve Adsense for blogger blogspot subdomain.
Read here some important tips and know better, and become a boss. Nowadays everyone wants to earn money from any source. Here are best free tips to earn money and also you can become a good blogger.  let's start main point friends........The question of many people is that after making Free Blog on and, which platform can be Adsense Approve.

The answer to this question is, Adsense Account may be Approved for's Free Blog ( While Google Adsense Account for WordPress Free blog ( can never be approved.

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I have been getting the right information about this for many days and I got the correct information about it from Google Adsense Forum that Adsense Approve for Blogspot Subdomain may be. But it has some Terms & Conditions.

Any blogger wants to apply to your blog for Adsense. For this, its blog should be at least 6 Month Old and Daily Post should be Publish.
A blog is on Topic and it will have a Post Update on it, Policies and Terms should be added to the Pages.
There should not be any blog on Blog that Against Adsense Policies, such as Hacking, Pornography, Software Crack etc.

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"If your blog is 6 months old and keeping all your Blogger & Adsense policies in mind, you have posted all posts. After this, you can go to the Blogger Dashboard and apply for the Adsense from the Earning Option. Your Adsense will be approved in one week."

Friends, here's how to approve Adsense for Blogger blog post subdomain? If you follow the tips mentioned above, your Google Adsense Account will be quickly approved. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post please comment

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