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Union Communications Minister Manoj Sinha said
Wednesday that the government has introduced three new ways, including one time password (OTP), to add the 12-digit Aadhaar number to the personal number of mobiles. This will simplify the process of connecting the base to your personal number. The Department of Telecommunications (DOT) has introduced three new regulations. One time password, app based and interactive Voice response (IVR). You can add your Aadhaar number to the mobile number through the three features.

With that, customers can now add their registered mobile numbers to the base without having to visit the telecom service providers. Dot said in the statement, "the telecommunications Department for the Ease of senior citizens, Divyang and those prone to serious illness is also recommended for re-verification on consumers ' doorsteps. "

The centre asked the Supreme Court on Wednesday to be given a time of March 31, 2018 to connect the base plan to various government schemes. According to the new guidelines, an online mechanism should be provided to telecom operators for people requesting such service and its availability is based on time-frame, which is to be accomplished according to time.

"Aadhaar number system was created to allow all residents of the country access to important government services and their vital information from time to time," he said. Mobile access to the country is increasing rapidly and it will be easier to connect the Aadhaar number to the customers with mobile numbers, "the minister said. It is an effort of the government to improve the facility and save time and energy to make access to government information and services by consumers, "Sinha said. "

A representative of the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) said, "In view of the latest explanations of the Department of Telecommunications we are aligned with industries, and customers need it at this time." While applying the instructions, it will take a while. We are working with the Government so that the facility can be better and easier for customers to connect to the base from their mobile number. "

The representative said, "We are implementing all necessary procedures so that defined additional methods can be used, including OTP, APE-based and IVRs feature." We expect individual mobiles will be quicker and easier to use to comply with the E-KYC norms. "

The Department of Telecommunications had instructed telecom service providers to provide Iris or fingerprint-based authentication for the base in a circular in August. In the new rules, it was reported that telecom service providers would have to deploy IRIS information to a proper geographical area for this purpose.

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