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When Reliance Jio launched the Geo Feature Phone, Airtel dropped its smartphone in response. However, Reliance made a new feature phone that comes with a smart feature. At the same time, Airtel partnered with Carbon Mobiles for it and launched the old phone with a new offer. Let us know that Airtel's feature phones are known as Carbon A40 Indians.

Reliance Jio phone versus Airtel 4G smartphone: price and cashback

The direct phone price of Geo Phone is Rs 1,500. It is booking which is currently closed. The booking amount is 500 rupees and the rest will be paid at the time of delivery of the handset. Customers who give Rs 1,500 to Reliance Jee will return back after 3 years. Customers who purchase Jio Phone phones to get cashback need to recharge at least Rs 1,500 every year while using the phone for 3 years.

Carbon A40 Indian is an old smartphone which has been selling for Rs. 3,499 so far. It is also available on Amazon India. Now, this phone is being sold for Rs 2,899 with the special offers of Airtel. The phone of Carbon is sold at the company's authorized retail store. But in limited numbers. If customers recharge for the next 36 months on the Airtel network with a plan of Rs 169 each, they will receive a cashback of Rs 500 for the first 18 months. After the completion of 36 months, a cashback of Rs 1,000 will be given. In this way, the subscribers will get a cashback of Rs 1,500 and the effective price of the phone will be Rs 1,399. The funny thing is, to get a cashback, you do not have to return the handset like a Geophone. Also, the amount of cashback will come in the user's airtel payment bank account.

jio Phone vs. Airtel 4G Smartphone: Specification Feature

We can not tell anyone phone better on the basis of feature and specification. The Geo Phone is a feature phone with many smart features. At the same time, Carbon A40 is an Indian Android smartphone.

A sim jio phon has a 2.4-inch QWVGA (240x320 pixels) display. It uses 1.2 GHz spreadsheet dual-core processor. The Mali-400 GPU is integrated. Along with 512 MB of RAM. Inbuilt storage is 4 GB and you will be able to use up to 128 GB MicroSD card. There is a 2-megapixel camera on the back. And there is a VGA camera on the front panel. JioPhone's battery is 2000 mAh. The connectivity features include 4G VoLTE, Bluetooth V 4.1, Wi-Fi, NFC, FM radio, GPS and USB 2.0 support.

Features of jio Phone

Feature phones contain very simple task-oriented apps. But in the live phone you will find apps like Geo Music, Geo TV, and GV Cinema. Geo stores have been given in the Geo Phone. Here you will find all the apps that are made for the phone. These include Geo Cinemas, Geo TVs and Geo Music such as Geo Music. Jio phones are also geolocation and NFC with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can use NFC for Tap & Go Payments. For the moment, this feature has not been rollout.
Characteristics of Carbon A40 Indian

Given the price, Android Noaga software is a welcome step. Cheaper, but there is Android Phone. Because of this, users will be able to access Google Play Store, i.e. apps like YouTube, WhatsApp and Facebook will work. These apps are currently not available in the live phone. With the Airtel Recharge plan, this phone is a good option but there is no unique feature in it.

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