Reliance Jio's number crosses 13 million: report

Image: Google
Last year, the number of Reliance Jio users in the telecom sector rose to 136.8 million, or 13.68 crores, in the last three months (second quarter of the fiscal year 2018). In the same period, the company added 15.3 million new ones to 1.53 million new users. This information was given in the report of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) Financial and Operational Performance.

Rs 271 crore loss to Geo:

In addition to the number of users, it was also reported in the report that the company had suffered a loss of Rs 271 crore. However, the company has financially said RIL's performance is strong. In terms of Internet traffic, the 374 million gigabytes (3.74 billion GB) wireless traffic has been observed in the second quarter of the fiscal year 2018. Also, 9.62 GB per capita data has been consumed.

Company Chairman Mukesh Ambani said, "The rapid increase of the Geo service shows the latest needs of the society. We are confident that Geo will benefit from the Indian economy and Indian customers and India will reach a new height. "

Referring to Renew also:

In the report, the company said that every month 156.4 rupees per user average revenues. It was also informed that the company has also created a copy per Capita Voice Consumption Record which is 626 minutes per month. If you talk about the videos, then Geo Users spent the 1.78 billion hours of high-speed video watching every month during the second quarter.

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