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Smartphone Sensor is an Electronics Device that obscures the kind of activity of Mobile and informs it to Relative Software / Apps / OS so that it can output as per Mobile Activity. If the sensor is explored in general language, then as we look with our eyes, touching our hands with a nose, smell with our skin, our brain understands that what is in front of us is what is. Similarly, the Smartphone Sensor also works and steam the kind of input given by the user on mobile.

Some Sensors which used in Smartphone:

1. Accelerometer Sensor:
                                           It shows to your Smartphone Software how to capture a photo on your phone and how it is kept. As an example when you turn on auto-rotation mode on the phone, after that you open a video/photo on the phone and when the phone is stacked directly, the video/photo shows upright and when you call the phone If you catch a tara, then the video will appear in the Landscape mode. All of you have seen in many phones that when a call is coming to the phone and you reverse the phone, the phone becomes silent.

3. Gyroscope or Gyro Sensor:
                                                 Accelerometer Sensor is very advanced technology, which notices the exact movement of any smartphone and sends the Smartphone Software about all the details.  The Gyro Sensor to the phone software, it is known that the angle caught by the angle of your phone is caught. The work of this Sensor is in 360 Photo and Gaming Playing.

4. Proximity Sensor:
                                 This is sensor appears on the outside of any smartphone, the Proximity Sensor Front Camera is close to. This sensor works to measure the distance between you or your body and the phone. All of you have seen when you call a receiver near your ear, then the phone's Screen Off is turned off. This is due to Proximity Sensor.

 5. Barometer Sensor:
                                 This is a measurement of atmospheric pressure, any smartphone used to measure with the help of this, you can find out how far you are from the sea level. With this Barometer Sensor is used in GPS, it helps you find Accurate Location.

 6.Fingerprint Sensor:
                                  Now, a day's Fingerprint Sensor is the most popular sensor and all of you know that it gives you the option to Lock / Unlock your smartphone from Finger.

7 Magnetometer Sensor:
                                        Magnetometer Sensor works as a compass, if Magnetometer is not a sensor in your phone then you can not detect the direction of any place on the map and you will never know North-South. With the help of this Sensor, the Metal Detector App can detect the metal located where.

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