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If the air pollution is called the most dangerous in terms of health, nothing will go wrong. During Diwali in capital Delhi, Alam said that the city is transformed into a gas chamber and that the people would have a few days to mask the masks. However, this time the situation has been a little better than the last time. But the air domination continued to be corrupted. A recent report surfaced that the amount of pollution in the air at 2017 against 2016 has grown manifold. Now in some major cities, people are beginning to use air purifier both at home and office. In this news, we are giving you information on some similar air purifier.

Panasonic F-Pxf35mku (D)
Price: 14,900 Bucks

It comes with Panasonic Air purifier Nano purification. The company claims it protects the system from viruses, bacteria, funk and allergies. In addition, it has composite air filters, including HEPA composite filters and de-audorigation filters. This filter removes 99.97% PM 2.5 particles. It comes with auto sleep mode of up to 8 hours.

Eureka Aeroguard Mist
Price: 11,999 Bucks

This purifier of Eureka Forbes comes with a 6-phase filter process that frees air pollution in your home. This purifier claims to give you the clear air delivery rate (CADR) of 205m3 per hour. In addition, it comes with features such as honeycomb active carbon filter, active HEPA filters and active 10x pre-filters.

Philips AC4372/10
Price: 42,165 Bucks

Philips's AC4012/ 10 Air purifier may also be included in your list. This purifier comes with 4 step LED indicator, which shows you air quality label. It will also feature sleep mode. It includes 4 filters with pre-filters, including HEPA filters and refer carbon filters.

Sharp FP-f40e

Price: 21,433 Bucks

The users in sharp purifier can make the settings accordingly. It can set you up to 240,150 and 90m3 per hour in high, medium and lo. This makes you clear air deliver.

Honeywell Air Touch-S8
Price: 30,500 Bucks

Given the rising level of air pollution, the Honeywell company has also introduced its air purifier to the wind Touch S8. This air purifier will help you find clean air in your home, which will be pollution free. You can control this purifier with the help of Honeywell Hplus app. This app works on Android and IOS. This purifiers the filtering system in step 3.
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