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Since stepping into Reliance Jio's telecom industry, users have not been faced with problems of data speed. But there are still many users who are using 2G only. They have to do internet browsing on
low speed. This is why we are going to tell a way for 2G users to browse the internet in Fast Speed.
There is an app on the Google Play Store that can speed up Internet speed by 10x. The name of this app is Puffin Web Browser. 3G and 4G users can also use this method.

How to Increase the Speed of the Internet?

1. For this, you have to go to Google Play Store first.

2. Here you have to type Puffin Web Browser in the search bar. Download and install it from here.

3. It's a 14 MB app. Open it after installation.

4. Now you have to tap next three times. After this, whatever url you want to open will open with more speed than before. This will increase the speed of users' internet.

5. Keep in mind that this only allows you to browse. There is no option to download it.
In addition to the Puffin Web Browser, there are many such browsers that can provide a fast-speed experience even in the 2G internet. These include the Bolt Fastest Android Browser, Fast Speed Browser, Fastest Mobile Browser and Internet Browser 2G 3G. Many of these apps are not available in the browser. Users have to download their apk file to use them.

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