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Everyone likes watching movies online. But it is not necessary that you get to watch movies with good print every time. Most users are not aware of such sites where movies with latest and good print can be seen. That is why we are going to tell you a trick where any movie without download can be seen in HD quality. There is a software online available for this. Its name is ROXPlayer.

Learn How To Watch HD Movies Without Download:

1. For this, you have to download ROXPlayer software first. After downloading it, install it in the system.

2. Open it. Here you will get the option of the File menu. The open Torrent option will be given here. Click on it.

3. Then click on the Torrent Magnet link option.

4. Clicking on this option will give users a pop-up link to the link to the magnet URL.

5. This Magnetic URL will get you easily from any Torrent site. Whenever you go to a Torrent site, the magnets icon is given in the equivalent of a movie or video. From here you can copy this link.

6. As soon as you paste this link into the paste the link to the magnet URL, your Torrent file will be opened.

7. After this, go to the main movie and double-click. After a movie buffer, it can be seen. It takes 3 to 4 minutes to get a buffer.

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