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A message delete feature for everyone on WHATSAPP
The recall feature on whatsapp has long been change to the point. All these claims were being made on the basis of internal code and so far the presence of this feature was not a real evidence. Now whatsappvitao's report claims that this feature, allegedly recognizing the name of ' Delete for Everyone ', has been rolled out to Android, iphone and Windows Phone app. This feature will work only when the man who sends the message has the latest version of WHATSAPP installed. It has also been claimed that the feature WHATSAPP will work on the web.
This feature has been demanding for a lot of days. After its arrival, things will be further facilitated for the VHATSAIP user. The report says it will go into the name of the delete for Evrivan. Many users are able to use this feature in Whtsapp's latest version. This is to use the trash symbol. In addition to the ' Delete for Evrivan ' user will also see the ' Delete for m ' option. This option is for people who want to delete the message just from your phone.

The report says that this feature is still being rollouted slowly. As we mentioned earlier, this feature will work only when both users have a latest WHATSAPP version. This feature will work with every kind of message. The report says that this feature will work with the status reply on photo, video, GIF, voice messages, contact, files, location, quoted messages and Vhatsaip. This message will work within 7 minutes of sending. It will not be possible to delete the message after that. The deleted message will be replacing "This message was deleted for everyone".

As per the initial report, the sent message will also be deleted from the chat page and the notification pan. Let's say the recall feature is already available in telegram, WhatsApp and other apps as well.

Wabetainfo has pointed out that there is no Whatsapp to recall the quoted message at all. If the message is sent to the broadcast list, it cannot be deleted for everyone. It is also reported that the message will not be deleted on the Sambiyan app. The recall feature will not work for these users.
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