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Android smartphones are always at risk of getting viruses. The phone gets a virus when downloading any third-party app. To overcome this problem, I am going to tell you about a secret setting of the smartphone which will eliminate the possibility of a virus attack on the phone. Let's tell you that this trick will work on Android Marshmallow and Nugget version only.

Learn how to:

For this, you must first go to the phone's settings.
After that click on Google. You will get a security option here. Keep in mind that in many phones Google's option is out in the setting, so many options are given in these accounts.
After tapping on security, enable the two options given below by tapping Google Play Protect.
After this, whenever you install an app, Google will automatically scan it. If it contains a virus, Google will give you a popup. Also, the app will stop installing it.

Learn How Does Google Play Protect Work?

Google checks the privacy and security of each app on its Play Store. For this, it creates peer groups for every category. In such a case, if an app asks for a permit from any user, then it is flagged by Google. Google experts felt that changes in category-based peer groups could not be made. Which does not know how many types of apps are in the same category? That's why Google launched Play Protect. It's a thorough investigation of how many types of apps are in the same category.

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