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A pretend WhatsApp listing on the Google Play Store John Drew over 1,000,000 installations from humanoid users before Google removed the app from the shop. Google additionally suspended the developer for violating Google's policies. as luck would have it for those that did install the app, the sole issue it did was push ads for alternative apps. Reddit users blew the whistle on the app yesterday as Google apparently did not spot the pretend. The spoof used the name "Update WhatsApp," and enclosed the WhatsApp brand to create it seem as if the phony was a political candidate update to the extremely popular electronic messaging app

Using a Unicode "white house," the developer of the pretend was able to build it seem as if WhatsApp opposition. was the developer, repetition the developer title used on the $64000 WhatsApp app. Google doesn't permit apps that impersonate a title or brand. mistreatment the Unicode white house tricked Google's computerised security into thinking that the developer name was totally different than the one listed on the legitimate WhatsApp app. The public, however, could not see the Unicode image (the developer name on the pretend was extremely listed as WhatsApp+Inc%C2%A0) and was therefore fooled into thinking that the spoofed listing was created by the precise same developers answerable for the legitimate Google Play Store listing.

While the intent of the pretend app was to make revenue for the developer by posting ads, constant maneuver may are wont to steal personal information from the over 1,000,000 those that signed up for the app. Nikolaos Chrysaidos, a security man of science at anti-virus company Avast, says that this type of spoofing has been done persistently before. He mentioned a pretend Facebook that was downloaded 10 million times.

Google continues to do and free the Play Store of such pretend apps. The battle continues.

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