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In Google's search bar, you have seen many of the news, companies or websites coming to the top. If you are searching for information from any keywords in google, you will see several options. The companies have a number of ways to come to the top in Google rankings, but they still don't get the result. Let me tell you that Google ranking is called the algorithm, which Google brings to the news, the website's first number of pages. So if you also want to come to the top of Google search, we are giving you some special information here.

What kind of Google meets ranking

Google has recently made some changes to its algorithms process. Google, under the same, shows on top of the news, websites or things that are most read or searchable. So that your news will be seen or shared as much as you would in the rankings. In addition to this, you have to take care of some things so that your content can come up in the rankings.


As we mentioned already, Google puts the same content in the first ranking that most search will have. Google determines your rankings based on the way your content or website clicks. ie, as much of your content clicks, you'll be on top of the Google rankings. The same, when a website is clicked, it is less accessible to the second or third page of Google pages.

Bounce Rate

Your ranking is reduced even if you have a bounce rate under Google's new algorithm. Letting your content have a higher bounce rate means that users are not happy with the information you have provided or are not readable. This decreases the chance coming to your first page.

Average Time

How long users have been on your content, it also counts for Google rankings. Google determines your ranking based on how long it hinges after you click on your content.

Traffic source

In Google, the users who have access to your content source also counts in the rankings. Google moves up your rankings if users access your content through social media, direct or Google search. While your traffic source is low, your website may be in the forefront of Google search.

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