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Image : Google
Within a few days of being the CEO of the Sundar Pichai of Indian origin, a 16 year old Indian boy has challenged the biggest company in the internet and this 16-year-old boy is a priceless tucker and he Claiming to create a search engine that is 45% more accurate than Google.
Anmol is living in Canada and now he has passed the 10th examination. They told that it took about 2 months for them to design this search engine and only 60 hours to code the engine. He prepared it for the Google Science Fair, which is a global online competition organized for children aged 13 to 18.
Anmol said, 'I thought I would do something new for personalized search space. This was the most genius thing. But when I saw that Google was doing this earlier, I thought of taking it to the next level. "The Antech firm of Bengaluru was visiting India for a two-week internship program at Ice Cream Labs.
The priceless tool for this search was 1 gigabyte free storage space, Python language development environment, computer with spreadsheet program and access to Google and New York Times. And to keep an eye on every search engine, Anmol focused on his search query 'The New York Times'. They created some fake users with different interests whose interests and web history were different. After that, he feeds this information in Google and its interest-based search engine

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