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Keep in Mind

Service Provider: A company connecting your mobile phone to the network, so that you can call and send e-mails
Premium SMS: Text messages used for services like voting, competing and content writing on reality television. If you want to send or reply to a premium SMS, then you will have to take this service at a very expensive call-rate. Canceling it too will cost too much
International roaming: Calling or calling on your mobile phone abroad It can be expensive. Make sure to read the terms and conditions so that you can know how much money will be available for this service
32GB / 16GB: These figures often show in the 'Plan' description, which is stored on your mobile phone's storage
Decide that:

How many calls will you make and send text
How much data do you need. For example, if you repeatedly search for e-mail checks or internet, then you have to plan to download more monthly data, which is usually 1GB or 2GB per month. For more information on using data, see the Service Provider's Website

How long would you like to keep contracts?

 It is from 12 to 36 months. If you are not comfortable signing the contract then first get pre-paid service. As soon as the re-charge card is over, you can stay with the same network or choose another network.
Make sure that you:

Go to different network providers shops and compare their prices, conditions and plans.
Take the written information of the services and their charges
Changes or breaking contracts or your phone understands the cost of losing, losing or stolen
Have read the warranty letter that what is 'covered' in it and what does not
Know that how much money will you take if you use the phone abroad.
Check that:

Mobile phone is easy to use

You can afford the plan
The network coverage of service providers is good in your area.

You may have to pay more often for contracts canceled before expiry
Some services seem to have extra charge - voice mail, call forwarding, premium SMS, internet brooding, buying apps and international roaming
Get coverage where you use mobile phones - check the service provider's website or visit their shop
You may have to pay an extra charge after encroaching your phone call / data limit.
Warranties on Mobile Phones

Keep copy of receipts and contracts to prove your purchase

For the repair of the phone during the warranty period, though retail merchants and service providers do not have to pay a second phone to lend but others do it
According to contract terms, you may also have to continue paying the monthly bill of the phone during the repair. See our 'Warranty Section' for more information.
There are also your rights under Australian Consumer Acts. If your mobile phone stops working, you can ask for money back or change the mobile. Visit our Refund, Repair and Replacement page for more information.

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