Paytm Launches ' Inbox ', a Full-fledged Chat Platform That preempts WhatsApp's Payments Entry - Indiatecinfo

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Paytm has officially released its messaging feature on Thursday. The story of the Pattyam in August came to the fore. This feature of the Pattyam Inbox name is a fully messaging platform that users can use to send and receive messages, photos and videos and money (via Pattyam wallet). With the intent to challenge Vhatsaip, Pattyam has insisted on the message Recall feature in the new feature on the blog post. Whatsapp recently launched the Delete for Everiven feature. Besides, another Whatsapp feature in Paytm Inbox-live location sharing has also been given.

"We have realised that in addition to making a payment, our users and customers are also required to interact with each other," said Pattyam's Sr. Vice Sahib. Social messaging, business and payment need to be with each other. ''

Updates to the new feature on Paytm Android app are available and expect to come to this feature on iOS too soon. The Inbox option is shown in the navigation bar on the bottom side when you update the app. By tapping on the inbox you can start chatting with friends. The new feature uses the linked phone number from Pattyam amok and if you click on the new Message button, it shows you phone numbers from all the friends who use the app. Taking advantage of the e-commerce deal, the payment of the recoveries and the availability of the cache, while making the offline payment we found that almost all of our contact Pattyam are used. This is the big advantage of Paytm inbox between the other new messaging app.

Paytm the bottom side of the Inbox is message, camera, gallery, send & make money and a location icon. But if you chat with a user or have money to dice the latest version (or iOS user), they won't get your message. This may be because Pattyam time for a short day to use the inbox well so that people can upgrade to the latest version.

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