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What are the Individual sports?
Archery             Badminton                                Baton Twirling
Diving              Fencing                                   Judo
Pistol Shooting     Rifle Shooting                              Swimming
Masters Swimming Synchronized Swimming                    Table Tennis
Track and Field    Masters Track and Field                   Trap Shooting

5 positive benefits of individual sports:

1. Youth athletes in individual sports learn to be self-reliant. Their success is entirely dependent on their own efforts. If they want to win, they can’t count on someone else carrying them through the competition. 

If they lose a match, individual sports athletes can’t blame anyone else for their failure. This teaches them to be responsible for their own action and decisions.

2. Individual sports can teach players how to be comfortable in the spotlight. All eyes are on them during play and they can’t hide out in a crowded field. Being comfortable performing solo in front of a crowd can come on hand for school and work presentations later in life.

3. Even individual sports have “teams.” For instance, each member of a gymnastics squad competes as an individual, but their individual scores feed into the overall score for the whole team. 

Their efforts still affect the success of their team, even if they are competing on their own.

4. Individual sports teach players how to motivate themselves. There is no team pressuring them to improve, the drive has to come from within. This kind of intrinsic motivation is oftentimes much more powerful than external motivation.

5. Individual sports allow athletes to compete at their own pace. For instance, if your 12 years old decides they want to start playing football, they’ll be competing against other 12-14-year-olds, some who have been playing football since they were 6.

 However, if your 12 years old decides they want to start karate, they’ll be practicing/competing with people of a similar skill level. There isn’t as much pressure to “catch up” with the other players.

 The 10 Most Impressive Individual sports achievements:

10. 300 Game - Bowling

9. Riding the Perfect Wave - Surfing

8. 8 Seconds - Bull Riding

7. Hat Trick - Hockey

6. 150 mph Serve - Tennis

5. Triple-Double - Basketball

4. Hat Trick - Soccer

3. No-Hitter - Baseball

2. Cycle - Baseball

1. Hole-in-One - Golf

Hope it will help you to know about the Positive benefit of individual sports and impressive achievements.

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